Wednesday, November 11, 2015

December Birthstone Jewelry - Blue Topaz for a December Birthday

The birthstone that represents December is Blue Topaz. I am partial to this stone because I am a December baby! Christmas Eve for me.

My parents would drive us around when I was just a babe (my sister is a December baby also!) and tell us all the lights were to celebrate our birthdays LOL! Blue Topaz is probably my very favorite gem and I handmade each of the below pieces.

This gorgeous lariat features a mystic London Blue Topaz starburst faceted briolette. This is a lab created stone and it is just perfection. This sterling necklace also has a lovely, highly detailed wing and fun circle ring chain.


Blue Topaz has magickal metaphysical properties it bestows upon it's wearer that you can read more about at the end of this post! All of this featured jewelry and much more is available in my Lovely Luxe Jewels shop.

Below is A baby blue Lab created Topaz necklace. This stone is dreamy and has a starburst facet. The chain is 14k gold filled disc chain. You have a seashell 14k gold filled safety clasp and hand wrapped Swarovski links at the back.


Below is a set of December Birthstone Blue Topaz jewelery with fancy faceted, lab created perfection in a 14K gold filled earring and necklace. Either of these pieces would make a serious statement.



This watery shaded Mystic treated Topaz is stunning! I guarantee this would make a jaw dropping December birthday gift... or Christmas gift. This stone has the fancy starburst facets and is large and fat.


Below is a design from my BEACH BABE line. You can check out more of this line here: BEACH BABE~
These are hand faceted Sky Blue Topaz heart briolettes fashioned into stunning one of a kind sterling earrings. These also include Peridot, Prehnite and Swarovski crystal.



Topaz is a stone used for protective purposes, it is considered specifically useful for guarding against the evil eye and envy. It is worn to protect the wearer from accidental injury, sudden death, sorcery and negative magic as well as lunacy. Pretty powerful magick, especially if you feel like you might be losing your mind *grin*.

Worn in any manner it releases depression, anger, fear, frenzies and all manner of disturbing emotions.

Feel like pulling your hair out? LOL!. Blue Topaz will calm your being.

When placed in or around one’s home it is said to be a charm against accidents in the home.

Topaz especially stimulates the intellect for writers, scientists, and artists. It aids abstract thinking and creativity. Magickally blue Topaz has the qualities of cooling tempers, calming nerves and helping with feelings of peace and tranquility. Partly due to its calming and stabilizing ability, coupled with an ability to enhance creativity, this stone is especially good for teachers and for artists in all media.

Magickally, the blue Topaz is also used to heighten psychic awareness and is useful in aiding in communication with one’s own Higher Self, as well as with your Spirit guides.

Believe in Your Magick and Use Your Magick~

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