Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Garnet For a January Birthday - Garnet Jewelry, January Birthstone Jewelry

For January birthdays the birthstone is luscious GARNET! Brava you lucky January babies!!. Garnet is one of my VERY favorite stones. It's downright sexy gorgeous!

I love creating with Garnet you can checkout pieces I have for sale below.

Garnet in it's raw state is rich and beautiful:

It also has fascinating and many beautiful METAPHYSICAL properties:
Legend has it that Garnet enhances a person's charm making you very attractive to others by bringing out your charisma and best assets.

Red Garnet stimulates your life-force. It also inspires romantic love, passion, intimacy, sensuality, energy, and inspiration.

Wearing garnet is wonderful charm to boost self love and self confidence (what woman does not need more of these!)

Garnet helps one to align the earthly, corporeal body with the spiritual aura body.

Garnet is a dynamic stone good for successful career moves, especially for woman, encouraging relationships in business by increasing ones popularity and other people's desire to work for and with you.

It can help you become more productive, motivated and driven and it attracts good luck in business. Garnet is known as the stone for successful business ventures and Garnet jewelry makes the perfect gift, particularly for the women that wants to advance in their careers.

Below is a Garnet briolette bracelet from my Heirloom line. It features AAA faceted onion Garnet gemstone briolettes a fabulous 99% fine silver rose pendant and a sterling drop with a perfect Garnet gemstone:
Garnet AAA gemstone bracelet

This is a sweet Garnet gemstone coin bracelet in sterling: It features faceted round Black Garnet as spacers as well:
Lovely Luxe Jewels Garnet Jewelry

This Garnet necklace features a stunning and rare genuine Garnet star gemstone and a large Beer Quartz briolette done up in 14K gold filed:
Gold Necklace with Garnet Gemstone Star

I LOVE Gemstone Charm Bracelets and wear one just like this. This piece features AAA Mystic Labradorite and two Garnet charms... one a rare Garnet star and one a sterling and Garnet charm imported from Bali. Done up in sterling:
Gold Necklace with garnet and Beer Quartz

This Garnet Bracelet is made with Almadine Garnet. This gemstone is my all-time favorite gem!!! This is not a coating.. it's naturally got a bit of a silvery sheen and it's pretty rare. These are fun pointed briolettes done up in a sterling bracelet:
January Birthstone Garnet Bracelet Garnet Jewelry

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