Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Birthstone, Diamond for an April Birthday – Diamond Life!

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Well aren't you the lucky ones, you April babies!!! I imagine you are feeling quite smug with your birthstone being the Diamond! Well I certainly can't blame you. Being a jewelry designer I am in love with every single diamond in all of the world of course! Below I have a few unique offerings for you to celebrate your birth.

The last few years I have developed a love affair with stunning rustic Herkimer Diamond and raw, rough diamonds in general. My most recent diamond purchase was a calico hand faceted diamond in a very simple ring.. here is a pix of it:
My birthday gift
Below are a few varied types of diamond jewelry I have available in my Lovely Luxe Jewels store:Lovely Luxe Jewels

This is a Herkimer Diamond Bracelet with Peacock Pearls done up in sterling silver:
Herkimer Diamond Bracelet April Birthstone

Here is a recently made Diamond Necklace featuring LARGE Raw, Rough, Natural Blue Diamonds and 99% Fine Silver Hill Tribe beads. Lately I am enamored with any raw, uncut stone. I love the rustic, modern organic look.
Raw Diamond Jewelry Raw Blue Diamond Necklace

How about a STUNNING Genuine Black Moissanite Diamond bracelet. Moissanite is interesting, you can read more about this sexy, sleek stone by clicking on it's pix below:
Sexy Sleek Black Diamond Skinny Bracelet

I have these and several other styles of raw blue diamond jewelry in my store.
natural diamond jewelry Raw Diamond Bracelet Blue Diamond Rough Diamond

Another sweet, feminine Herkimer Diamond row, swag necklace. This and several other Herkimer Diamond styles available in my Lovely Luxe Jewels store (click image to enter).
Herkimer Diamond Necklace Swag Row sterling silver necklace

See many more of my jewelry designs here: Lovely Luxe Jewels

A Gorgeous Herkimer Diamond Specimen

A Serious Specimen of Raw Diamond

Unique Designer Jewelry

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