Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting geared up for the LakeRidge Winery Holiday Art and Craft Extravaganza!

It starts next Friday on Veteran's day.  I am so excited.  It's a three day event and the winery is beautiful.  It's the perfect time of year here in Orlando.  They expect over 8000 people on the weekend alone!

I have been working on a few pairs of "impulse" buy earrings.. (under $30) and working on my display.
I will have pix after the show!

Shop news:
Right now I am running a Fall sale.. enter Fall15 as your coupon code at checkout to receive 15% off anything in my store.  I think I will keep the code active at least another week!

I've had several commission pieces lately.  I have been VERY bad at remembering to shoot my pieces, I just have been mailing them out.  I need pix really for myself for tax reasons and am bummed I have forgot lately.

Here is one pair of earrings with AAA Mystic Labradorite and Swarovski Jet moons:

Be back around later!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

And the Winner IS:

#33 Sarah Blake!  

Thank you so much for entering!...  I had such fun with my very first giveaway.  I know I will be doing more in the future!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Am Giving Away a $50 Gift Certificate to My Shop!

My first Giveaway.. yes $50 bucks worth of Jewels from my store - just in time to start your holiday shopping!  (please pass this along to your friends!)

Here's how to enter:

1. Like My Biz Page on Facebook LovelyLuxeJewels - Designs by Cary Martin and then leave me a comment on my wall telling me you are a new fan. (if you already follow my biz page still please leave a comment there for your first entry).

2. Follow me on Twitter and send me a quick tweet (if you don’t have Twitter just skip this step!).

3. Go to my Etsy store front and follow or "like" me (top of the page at this link): come back to my LovelyLuxeJewels fan page and comment again letting me know you checked out my Etsy shop. Then there will be second entry for you (second chance to win!).

4. If you post about my giveaway on your Facebook page (PLEASE leave me a link to your page in comments on my wall or tag me or share the link with me - I will thrown in an extra entry - Up to 3 chances to win in all.

I will keep a running list as they come in and number each of your entries. The winner will be announced on Halloween on my Biz Fan page. I will use a random generator website and post a screenshot of the winning number.

The winner will receive $50 off any item at any time they desire, at checkout in my store (if you are a designer yourself this can also go toward my GemGourmet shop on Etsy).

Good Luck~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I LOVE This Metalwork!

and hint... my birthday is coming soon!

I have been drooling over this shop for days now.  There is so much in it I love.  I have always wanted to learn metalsmithing and if I did, this is the type of jewelry I would want to create.  Being a jewelry designer myself I very rarely wear other designer's pieces BUT I would sure wear hers!

Everything in her shop resonates with me.  It's raw and sexy and organic and just totally bad ass.  

Check out SPECIMENTAL DESIGN!: (all pix are clickable).

AAA gemstone jewelry likes by Lovely luxe jewels on etsy pyrite gemstones mystic quartz gemstones

The Penetrating Twin- Pyrite Twins in Textured Sterling Silver Ring:
lovely luxe jewels on etsy has AAA gemstone jewelry and metaphysical magic gems

Opal Aura Quartz Charm Earrings on Chains in Sterling Silver,
Custom Made to Order
lovely luxe jewels aaa gemstone jewelry and metaphysical magick gems magick magic magik jewelry crystals aaa labradorite, quartz, rock crystal, ruby, rubies, black garnet, raw rough diamond jewelry

Raw Diamonds and Steel Grey Pearl in Textured Sterling Silver Ring- Custom Made

lovely luxe jewels aaa gemstone jewelry and metaphysical magick gems magick magic magik jewelry crystals aaa labradorite, quartz, rock crystal, ruby, rubies, black garnet, raw rough diamond jewelry

Sunning, powerful, statement pieces for sure.  Did I mention my birthday!? *grin*

Totally in LOVE with jumifelt on Etsy!

I am a bit under the weather this week and so I have spent lots of time in bed on my tablet just surfing around Etsy and dreaming up my birthday list (Christmas Eve!) and wanted to post about one of my very favorite shops I just discovered:

(all photos are clickable)
Lovely Luxe Jewels musings designer on trend jewelry fall fashions metaphysical gemstones briolette necklaces aaa gemstones

I want this:

Lovely Luxe Jewels Etsy Jewelry Designs LOVES this scarf!

and this:

Lovely Luxe Jewels Luxe Delux Exquisite Jewelry at LovelyLUxejewels on Etsy

Just totally fabulous.

and I love this hand felted Dahlia flower!:

go to lovely luxe jewels etsy shop for all your gemstone jewelry needs AAA gemstones and Swarovski jewelry

So check out her SHOP, seriously amazingly beautiful work!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playing around with One True Media - Lovely Luxe Jewels Video~

I really didn't do as good of a job as I could. I got excited and wanted to see something quick and then finished before I should have.. I didn't put in enough pix or add my website.. etc. Need to update it but you get the idea!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weeeeeeeee! Good Morning. I am so excited...

I just got the coolest gemmies in!

I can't wait to work with them and had to show them off right away!
These are 24K Gold Vermeil rimmed Solar Quartz:

I am so drooling over these lovlies.  I bought the entire strand!

I also got some of the new 24K Gold laminated rock quartz I have been seeing around a bit on Etsy:

This is a genuine rock quartz brio that has 24K gold laminated in the center of it.

I have found out exactly HOW THESE ARE MADE. We have started seeing some of these and designers (like me) are very interested in them.

They start with rock quartz and cut the gem in half with a laser. The gold is added in a thin laminate layer and the two halves are fused back together. You do have a seam and if you enlarge the pix you will see it. The laminate in the middle causes a milky look to the gem. Some sellers are calling this "opalite" which is a manmade quartz but actually it's the laminate that causes the milky quality.. some also have very fine bubbles also caused from the laminate, you can for sure tell they are rock quartz.. they are cold in your hand as all rock quartz is.. it's the way to tell it from lab grown quartz.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nice sale yesterday!

I sold a couple of pieces out of my CaryMartinDesigns shop! I was extremely happy because it's been quite a while since I have sold one of these pieces.. they are gallery pieces and quite expensive:

I am thankful and needed the boost!  I have been feeling in a bit of a depressed slump lately and know this is the universe telling me to get up and get on with it!

I have allot of new pieces listing in my Lovely Luxe shop.. I am feeling the metaphysical pieces again so I will be focusing on them.. I am also working on a newsletter.

So much going on these days on Etsy.  I am learning allot about SEO too!
Have a lovely night my friends and...

Come on by my shop!