Thursday, October 13, 2011

Totally in LOVE with jumifelt on Etsy!

I am a bit under the weather this week and so I have spent lots of time in bed on my tablet just surfing around Etsy and dreaming up my birthday list (Christmas Eve!) and wanted to post about one of my very favorite shops I just discovered:

(all photos are clickable)
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I want this:

Lovely Luxe Jewels Etsy Jewelry Designs LOVES this scarf!

and this:

Lovely Luxe Jewels Luxe Delux Exquisite Jewelry at LovelyLUxejewels on Etsy

Just totally fabulous.

and I love this hand felted Dahlia flower!:

go to lovely luxe jewels etsy shop for all your gemstone jewelry needs AAA gemstones and Swarovski jewelry

So check out her SHOP, seriously amazingly beautiful work!

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