Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Birthstone Citrine Jewelry for a November Birthday.

A gorgeous starburst faceted Citrine briolette is featured in this necklace!


For a November birthday the birthstone is Citrine. I am so in love with this stone and how lovely that it's such a warm, sunny stone for November. Each of these pieces is available in my Lovely Luxe Jewels shop.

Glowing, rich AAA Madeira Citrine chandelier faceted briolettes and one of a kind glass art beads are featured in these earrings.


Citrine also has some MAGICKAL metaphysical properties for the Witchy
Woman in all of us. You can read about it's properties below.

Excellent quality hand faceted AAA Honey Citrine in this necklace!


A group of ever popular gemstone stacking bracelets featuring Citrine as well. Each of these gemstone stacking bracelets is available in my Lovely Luxe Jewels shop.



Citrine is known as a "success" stone because it is said in folklore to promote success and abundance, especially in business and commerce.

Its lore also says that it enhances mental clarity, confidence, happiness and will power. Citrine is purported to bring good fortune, sometimes in very unexpected ways.

Citrine is also a good general protection stone according to crystal healing lore. It is said to alleviate depression and self-doubt.

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