Sunday, October 5, 2014

Raw Gemstone Jewelry, Natural Diamond Jewelry

Today I am featuring one of my styles of raw, rough blue diamond gemstone bracelets.

I love this modern, organic style with uncut, natural diamonds and 99% pure silver beads around the sides.

This is wonderful as a stacking bracelet but I think it should be worn alone (or with another blue diamond piece!) so the gemstones are center stage.

Affordable luxury!

You can find this bracelet and many more jeewels in my store here: Lovely Luxe Jewels

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Raw Diamond Jewelry

Raw Blue Diamond Bracelet

Raw Diamond Jewelry

Modern, Rough, Organic Diamonds

Raw Diamond Jewelry

Handmade Modern Jewelry

For additional Raw Blue Diamond jewelry in Gold and Silver you can enter my store here: Raw, Modern Blue Diamond Jewelry

To see all my jewelry, my storefront is here: Lovely Luxe Jewels

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