Monday, May 28, 2012

On the Magical Properties of Gems...

Magical AAA Tourmaline Gems - Interesting Story About This Bracelet Below…
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Last year I was in a major creative slump, not just in my jewelry design business but in my life in general.. I would go and sit in my studio and nothing would show itself. I had this beautiful strand of Multi Tourmaline gems I had bought the month before at our gem show. For some reason I kept wanting to put them in my mouth!

I decided to check my gemstone "bible" out (It's a huge and amazing manuel titled "Love is in the Earth".) I came to find out I was so drawn to this stone because it clears blocked creativity!

I instantly made myself a multi strand necklace and bracelet and wore it nonstop for a couple of weeks. For several restless nights I had vivid design ideas that I would have to sketch in the middle of the night before I could go back to sleep.

Thru those nights I designed a piece that made it on the cover of Belle Armoire. (From my CaryMartinDesigns line): ...and a piece that led to being featured four months in a row in a BeadWork mag. out of Sydney Australia:

I had a very amazing and productive year and continue to love to create jewelry especially for other designers made with Tourmaline! I am totally SOLD on the magic of this gem!

It's a powerful stone metaphysically. Perfect for a designer as it helps to keep your creative energy flowing and open. It also works on SELF ESTEEM. I know I can always use more of both!

Believe in your Magic, Learn to use your magic...

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