Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hi To My New Followers!

I am checking out everyone's blogs and wow, I am really impressed.  I can learn so much from each of you.  Your blogs all look fantastic.

Right now I want to learn how to do a link with the text that I want in it.. where it does not look like a link.  I have done it before with HTML... I just can't remember how!

I've been working on photos today.  I have to break down and purchase a new light setup.  What do you guys use?  I would love some advice.  I only have a small card table in my office I use for shooting.  It's in front of a window now and I can take good photos as long as I hit late afternoon.  Other than that, I have to shoot outside!  It's too damn hot here right now for any of that craziness.

Some fresh work:

My store:

I am having a hard time with my camera inside.  As you can see with the two top photos my lilac Chalcedony looks like two totally different gems.  I am thinking about getting an Ott light to shoot under.  Maybe having light that is supposed to look natural (like they are) will help me!

Well now for something completely different.

That actually says allot doesn't it. 
Night all~


  1. It's easy to do an in text link. I'll email you the code.

  2. Dawn!! Hi sista. Thank you. I am going to use this also like we were going to use the "Pretty Propaganda" site and expound on all the things that are fabulous in the world!.

    Yeah! I know I can do it if I have to code. when you get a chance I would love you to send it.

    Thank you!